June 3rd All Events

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June 3rd, 2007 (June 03 2007)EventUSS Carter Hall (LSD-50) engaged pirates after they boarded the Danish ship Danica White off the coast of Somalia. (details)
June 3rd, 2006 (June 03 2006)EventThe union of Serbia and Montenegro comes to an end with Montenegro s formal declaration of independence.
June 3rd, 2006 (June 03 2006)BirthCountess Leonore, Member of the Dutch Royal Family
June 3rd, 2006 (June 03 2006)DeathJohnny Grande, original accordion/piano/keyboard player for Bill Haley s Comets (born in 1932)
June 3rd, 2005 (June 03 2005)DeathHarold Cardinal, Cree political leader, writer, and lawyer (born in 1945)
June 3rd, 2004 (June 03 2004)DeathFrances Shand Kydd, mother of Diana, Princess of Wales (born in 1936)Princess of Wales Diana Quotes
June 3rd, 2004 (June 03 2004)DeathQuorthon, Swedish musician (Bathory) (born in 1966)
June 3rd, 2003 (June 03 2003)DeathFelix de Weldon, Austrian sculptor (born in 1907)
June 3rd, 2002 (June 03 2002)BirthPrince Tirso of Bulgaria, titular Bulgarian royal family
June 3rd, 2001 (June 03 2001)DeathAnthony Quinn, Mexican-born actor (born in 1915)
June 3rd, 1998 (June 03 1998)EventEschede train disaster: an ICE high speed train derails in Lower Saxony, Germany, causing 101 deaths.
June 3rd, 1998 (June 03 1998)DeathPoul Bundgaard, Danish actor and singer (born in 1922)
June 3rd, 1997 (June 03 1997)DeathDennis James, American television personality (born in 1917)
June 3rd, 1994 (June 03 1994)DeathPuig Aubert, French rugby league footballer (born in 1925)
June 3rd, 1992 (June 03 1992)DeathRobert Morley, English actor (born in 1908)Robert Ley Quotes
June 3rd, 1991 (June 03 1991)EventMount Unzen erupts in Japan in Kyushu killing 43 people, all of them either researchers or journalists.
June 3rd, 1991 (June 03 1991)DeathKatia Krafft, French volcanologist (eruption) (born in 1942)
June 3rd, 1991 (June 03 1991)DeathMaurice Krafft, French volcanologist (eruption) (born in 1946)
June 3rd, 1991 (June 03 1991)DeathTakeshi Nagata, Japanese geophysicist (born in 1913)
June 3rd, 1990 (June 03 1990)DeathStiv Bators, American musician (The Dead Boys) (born in 1949)
June 3rd, 1990 (June 03 1990)DeathRobert Noyce, American inventor (born in 1927)
June 3rd, 1989 (June 03 1989)EventThe government of China sends troops to force protesters out of Tiananmen Square after seven weeks of occupation.
June 3rd, 1989 (June 03 1989)BirthKatie Hoff, American swimmer
June 3rd, 1989 (June 03 1989)DeathAyatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Iranian Shi ite leader (born in 1902)Ruhollah Khomeini Quotes
June 3rd, 1989 (June 03 1989)DeathJohn McCauley, NHL official (born in 1945)
June 3rd, 1987 (June 03 1987)BirthLalaine, American actress and singer
June 3rd, 1987 (June 03 1987)BirthMasami Nagasawa, Japanese actress
June 3rd, 1986 (June 03 1986)BirthAlexandros Karageorgiou, Greek archer
June 3rd, 1986 (June 03 1986)BirthBrenden Richard Jefferson, African-American actor
June 3rd, 1986 (June 03 1986)BirthRafael Nadal, Spanish tennis player
June 3rd, 1986 (June 03 1986)BirthTomas Verner, Czech Republic ice skaterTom Ze Quotes
June 3rd, 1986 (June 03 1986)BirthAdrian Valles, Spanish racing driver
June 3rd, 1986 (June 03 1986)BirthAl Horford, American basketball player
June 3rd, 1984 (June 03 1984)EventThe Indian National Army storms the Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib), the most sacred shrine of Sikhism, near Amritsar.
June 3rd, 1983 (June 03 1983)DeathNanna, Rafi Khawar, Lollywood actor, Lahore
June 3rd, 1982 (June 03 1982)EventThe Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom, Shlomo Argov, is shot on a London street. He survives but is permanently paralysed.
June 3rd, 1982 (June 03 1982)BirthYelena Isinbayeva, Russian pole vaulter
June 3rd, 1980 (June 03 1980)BirthLazaros Papadopoulos, Greek basketball player
June 3rd, 1979 (June 03 1979)EventA blowout at the Ixtoc I oil well in the southern Gulf of Mexico causes at least 600,000 tons (176,400,000 gallons) of oil to be spilled into the waters, the worst oil spill to date.
June 3rd, 1977 (June 03 1977)BirthCris, Brazilian footballer
June 3rd, 1977 (June 03 1977)BirthAz-Zahir Hakim, American football player
June 3rd, 1977 (June 03 1977)BirthTravis Hafner, American baseball player
June 3rd, 1977 (June 03 1977)DeathArchibald Vivian Hill, English physiologist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1886)
June 3rd, 1977 (June 03 1977)DeathRoberto Rossellini, Italian film director (born in 1906)
June 3rd, 1976 (June 03 1976)BirthJamie McMurray, American NASCAR driver
June 3rd, 1976 (June 03 1976)BirthYuri Ruley, American drummer
June 3rd, 1976 (June 03 1976)BirthEnda Markey, Irish/Australian entertainer
June 3rd, 1975 (June 03 1975)BirthJose Molina, Puerto Rican baseball player
June 3rd, 1975 (June 03 1975)DeathOzzie Nelson, American band leader, producer, director, and actor (born in 1906)
June 3rd, 1975 (June 03 1975)DeathEisaku Sato, Prime Minister of Japan, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (born in 1901)
June 3rd, 1974 (June 03 1974)BirthKelly Jones, Welsh singer (Stereophonics)
June 3rd, 1974 (June 03 1974)BirthArianne Zuker, American actress
June 3rd, 1973 (June 03 1973)EventA Soviet supersonic Tupolev Tu-144 crashes near Goussainville, France, killing 14, the first crash of a supersonic passenger aircraft.
June 3rd, 1973 (June 03 1973)DeathDory Funk, professional wrestler (born in 1919)
June 3rd, 1971 (June 03 1971)BirthCarl Everett, American baseball playerCarl Everett Quotes
June 3rd, 1971 (June 03 1971)DeathHeinz Hopf, German mathematician (born in 1894)
June 3rd, 1970 (June 03 1970)BirthEsther Hart, Dutch singer
June 3rd, 1970 (June 03 1970)BirthJulie Masse, French Canadian singer
June 3rd, 1970 (June 03 1970)BirthPeter Tagtgren, Swedish musician (Hypocrisy) and producer
June 3rd, 1970 (June 03 1970)BirthAmmon McNeely, American rock climber
June 3rd, 1970 (June 03 1970)DeathHjalmar Schacht, Nazi official (born in 1877)Hjalmar Schacht Quotes
June 3rd, 1969 (June 03 1969)EventMelbourne-Evans collision: Off the coast of South Vietnam, the Australian aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne cuts the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Frank E. Evans in half. Evans Quotes
June 3rd, 1969 (June 03 1969)BirthTakako Minekawa, Japanese musician
June 3rd, 1969 (June 03 1969)BirthHiroyuki Takami, Japanese musician
June 3rd, 1968 (June 03 1968)EventValerie Solanas, author of SCUM Manifesto, attempts to assassinate Andy Warhol by shooting him three times.Andy Warhol Quotes
June 3rd, 1968 (June 03 1968)BirthJamie O Neal, American singer
June 3rd, 1968 (June 03 1968)BirthSamantha Sprackling, Nigerian singer
June 3rd, 1967 (June 03 1967)BirthAnderson Cooper, American reporter
June 3rd, 1966 (June 03 1966)BirthWasim Akram, Pakistani cricketer
June 3rd, 1965 (June 03 1965)EventLaunch of Gemini 4, the first multi-day space mission by a NASA crew. Crew-member Ed White performs the first American spacewalk (EVA).
June 3rd, 1965 (June 03 1965)EventFor 21 minutes, Edward H. White floats free outside the space vehicle Gemini IV for the first time.
June 3rd, 1965 (June 03 1965)BirthMike Gordon, American musician
June 3rd, 1965 (June 03 1965)BirthJeff Blumenkrantz, American composer and actor
June 3rd, 1964 (June 03 1964)BirthKerry King, American musician (Slayer)
June 3rd, 1964 (June 03 1964)BirthDoro Pesch, German singer
June 3rd, 1964 (June 03 1964)BirthJames Purefoy, British actor
June 3rd, 1964 (June 03 1964)DeathFrans Eemil Sillanpaa, Finnish writer, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1888)
June 3rd, 1963 (June 03 1963)EventA Northwest Airlines DC-7 crashes in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of British Columbia, killing 101.
June 3rd, 1963 (June 03 1963)BirthRudy Demotte, Belgian politician
June 3rd, 1963 (June 03 1963)BirthToshiaki Karasawa, Japanese actor
June 3rd, 1963 (June 03 1963)DeathNazim Hikmet, Turkish poet (born in 1902)Nazim Hikmet Quotes
June 3rd, 1963 (June 03 1963)DeathPope John XXIII (born in 1881)
June 3rd, 1962 (June 03 1962)EventAn Air France Boeing 707 charter, Chateau de Sully crashed after aborted takeoff from Paris, killing 130. The largest single plane accident to date.
June 3rd, 1962 (June 03 1962)BirthSusannah Constantine, British fashion guruSusannah Constantine Quotes
June 3rd, 1961 (June 03 1961)BirthLawrence Lessig, American lawyer and authorLawrence Lessig Quotes
June 3rd, 1959 (June 03 1959)BirthJohn Carlson, American talk radio host
June 3rd, 1957 (June 03 1957)BirthHorst-Ulrich Hanel, German field hockey player
June 3rd, 1956 (June 03 1956)EventBritish Rail renames Third Class passenger facilities as Second Class (Second Class facilities had been abolished in 1875, leaving just First Class and Third Class).
June 3rd, 1956 (June 03 1956)BirthBrad Nessler, American sports broadcaster
June 3rd, 1956 (June 03 1956)BirthGeorge Burley, Scottish football player and manager
June 3rd, 1955 (June 03 1955)DeathBarbara Graham, American murderer (born in 1923)
June 3rd, 1954 (June 03 1954)BirthDan Hill, Canadian singer and songwriter
June 3rd, 1954 (June 03 1954)BirthWally Weir, Quebec ice hockey player
June 3rd, 1952 (June 03 1952)BirthBilly Powell, American keyboardist (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
June 3rd, 1952 (June 03 1952)BirthDavid Richards, CBE, British motor racing entrepreneur
June 3rd, 1950 (June 03 1950)BirthMelissa Mathison, American screenwriter
June 3rd, 1950 (June 03 1950)BirthSuzi Quatro, American musician and actress
June 3rd, 1950 (June 03 1950)BirthChristos Verelis, Greek politician
June 3rd, 1950 (June 03 1950)BirthDeniece Williams, American singer
June 3rd, 1947 (June 03 1947)BirthMickey Finn, British guitarist and percussionist (T. Rex) (died in 2003)
June 3rd, 1947 (June 03 1947)BirthMike Burgmann, Australian racing driver (died in 1986)
June 3rd, 1947 (June 03 1947)BirthJohn Dykstra, American special effects supervisor
June 3rd, 1946 (June 03 1946)BirthMichael Clarke American musician (died in 1993)
June 3rd, 1946 (June 03 1946)BirthEddie Holman, American singer
June 3rd, 1946 (June 03 1946)BirthTristan Rogers, Australian-American actor
June 3rd, 1944 (June 03 1944)BirthEdith McGuire, American runner
June 3rd, 1944 (June 03 1944)BirthEddy Ottoz, Italian athlete
June 3rd, 1943 (June 03 1943)EventA mob of 60 from the Los Angeles Naval Reserve Armory beat up everyone perceived to be Hispanic, starting the week-long Zoot Suit Riots.
June 3rd, 1943 (June 03 1943)BirthBilly Cunningham, American basketball player
June 3rd, 1942 (June 03 1942)BirthCurtis Mayfield, American musician (died in 1999)Curtis Mayfield Quotes
June 3rd, 1940 (June 03 1940)EventWorld War II: The Luftwaffe bombs Paris.
June 3rd, 1940 (June 03 1940)EventWorld War II: The Battle of Dunkirk ends with a German victory and with Allied forces in full retreat.
June 3rd, 1939 (June 03 1939)BirthSteve Dalkowski, baseball player
June 3rd, 1939 (June 03 1939)BirthIan Hunter (singer), English musician
June 3rd, 1937 (June 03 1937)EventThe Duke of Windsor marries Wallis Simpson.
June 3rd, 1937 (June 03 1937)BirthSolomon P. Ortiz, American politician Solomon Quotes
June 3rd, 1937 (June 03 1937)BirthEdward Winter, American actor (died in 2001)
June 3rd, 1936 (June 03 1936)BirthJim Gentile, baseball player
June 3rd, 1936 (June 03 1936)BirthLarry McMurtry, American author
June 3rd, 1935 (June 03 1935)EventOne thousand unemployed Canadian workers board freight cars in Vancouver, British Columbia, beginning a protest trek to Ottawa, Ontario.
June 3rd, 1934 (June 03 1934)BirthRolland D. McCune, American theologian
June 3rd, 1933 (June 03 1933)BirthIsa ibn Salman Al Khalifah, emir of Bahrain (died in 1999)
June 3rd, 1933 (June 03 1933)DeathWilliam Muldoon, wrestler (born in 1852)
June 3rd, 1931 (June 03 1931)BirthFrancoise Arnoul, French actress
June 3rd, 1931 (June 03 1931)BirthRaul Castro, Cuban statesman
June 3rd, 1931 (June 03 1931)BirthJohn Norman, American author
June 3rd, 1931 (June 03 1931)BirthLindy Remigino, American athlete
June 3rd, 1930 (June 03 1930)BirthMarion Zimmer Bradley, American author (died in 1999)
June 3rd, 1930 (June 03 1930)BirthDakota Staton, American jazz singer (died in 2007)
June 3rd, 1930 (June 03 1930)BirthBen Wada, Japanese television producers
June 3rd, 1929 (June 03 1929)BirthWerner Arber, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine laureate
June 3rd, 1929 (June 03 1929)BirthChuck Barris, American game show host
June 3rd, 1928 (June 03 1928)DeathLi Yuan-hung, Chinese general and political figure (born in 1864)
June 3rd, 1927 (June 03 1927)BirthBoots Randolph, American saxophonist (died in 2007)
June 3rd, 1926 (June 03 1926)BirthAllen Ginsberg, American poet (died in 1997)
June 3rd, 1925 (June 03 1925)BirthTony Curtis, American actor
June 3rd, 1924 (June 03 1924)BirthColleen Dewhurst, Canadian actress (died in 1991)
June 3rd, 1924 (June 03 1924)BirthTed Mallie, American radio and television announcer (died in 1999)
June 3rd, 1924 (June 03 1924)BirthTorsten Wiesel, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine laureate
June 3rd, 1924 (June 03 1924)BirthJimmy Rogers, American blues guitarist (died in 1997)
June 3rd, 1924 (June 03 1924)DeathFranz Kafka, Czech novelist (born in 1883)Franz Kafka Quotes
June 3rd, 1923 (June 03 1923)BirthIgor Shafarevich, Russian mathematician
June 3rd, 1922 (June 03 1922)BirthAlain Resnais, French director
June 3rd, 1921 (June 03 1921)BirthForbes Carlile, Australian athlete
June 3rd, 1918 (June 03 1918)BirthPatrick Cargill, English actor (died in 1996)
June 3rd, 1918 (June 03 1918)BirthLili St. Cyr, American ecdysiast (died in 1999)
June 3rd, 1917 (June 03 1917)BirthLeo Gorcey, American actor (died in 1969)
June 3rd, 1916 (June 03 1916)EventThe Reserve Officer Training Corps or ROTC is established by the U.S. Congress.
June 3rd, 1916 (June 03 1916)EventThe National Defense Act is signed into law, increasing the size of the United States National Guard by 450,000 men.
June 3rd, 1913 (June 03 1913)BirthPedro Mir, Dominican Poet Laureate (died in 2000)
June 3rd, 1911 (June 03 1911)BirthEllen Corby, American actress (died in 1999)
June 3rd, 1911 (June 03 1911)BirthPaulette Goddard, American actress (died in 1990)
June 3rd, 1907 (June 03 1907)EventCentro Escolar University is established by Librada Avelino and Carmen de Luna in Manila, Philippines.
June 3rd, 1907 (June 03 1907)BirthPaul Rotha, English director (died in 1984)
June 3rd, 1906 (June 03 1906)BirthJosephine Baker, American dancer (died in 1975)
June 3rd, 1905 (June 03 1905)BirthMartin Gottfried Weiss, German, commandant of Dachau concentration camp (died in 1946, by execution)
June 3rd, 1904 (June 03 1904)BirthJan Peerce, American tenor (died in 1984)
June 3rd, 1903 (June 03 1903)BirthEddie Acuff, American actor (died in 1956)
June 3rd, 1901 (June 03 1901)BirthMaurice Evans, English actor (died in 1989) Evans Quotes
June 3rd, 1899 (June 03 1899)BirthGeorg von Bekesy, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine laureate (died in 1972)
June 3rd, 1899 (June 03 1899)DeathJohann Strauss II, Austrian composer (born in 1825)
June 3rd, 1894 (June 03 1894)DeathKarl Eduard Zachariae, German expert on Byzantine Law (born in 1812)
June 3rd, 1889 (June 03 1889)EventThe Canadian Pacific Railway is completed from coast to coast.
June 3rd, 1889 (June 03 1889)EventThe first long-distance electric power transmission line in the United States is completed, running 14 miles between a generator at Willamette Falls and downtown Portland, Oregon, United States.
June 3rd, 1888 (June 03 1888)EventThe poem "Casey at the Bat", by Ernest Lawrence Thayer, is published in the San Francisco Examiner.
June 3rd, 1888 (June 03 1888)BirthTom Brown, American musician (died in 1958)
June 3rd, 1885 (June 03 1885)EventLast military engagement fought on Canadian soil: Cree leader Big Bear escapes the North West Mounted Police.
June 3rd, 1882 (June 03 1882)DeathChristian Wilberg, German painter (born in 1839)
June 3rd, 1881 (June 03 1881)BirthMikhail Larionov, Russian painter (died in 1964)
June 3rd, 1879 (June 03 1879)BirthRaymond Pearl, American biologist (died in 1940)
June 3rd, 1878 (June 03 1878)BirthBarney Oldfield, American race car driver (died in 1946)
June 3rd, 1877 (June 03 1877)BirthRaoul Dufy, French painter (died in 1953)
June 3rd, 1877 (June 03 1877)DeathLudwig Ritter von Kochel, Austrian musicologist (born in 1800)
June 3rd, 1875 (June 03 1875)DeathGeorges Bizet, French composer (born in 1838)
June 3rd, 1873 (June 03 1873)BirthOtto Loewi, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine laureate (died in 1961)
June 3rd, 1866 (June 03 1866)EventFenians are driven out of Fort Erie, Ontario, into the United States.
June 3rd, 1866 (June 03 1866)BirthGeorge Howells Broadhurst, English director (died in 1952)
June 3rd, 1865 (June 03 1865)BirthGeorge V of the United Kingdom (died in 1936) George V of the United Kingdom Quotes
June 3rd, 1865 (June 03 1865)DeathOkada Izo, Japanese samurai (born in 1838)
June 3rd, 1864 (June 03 1864)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of Cold HarborUnion forces attack Confederate troops in Hanover County, Virginia.
June 3rd, 1864 (June 03 1864)BirthOtto Erich Hartleben, German writer (died in 1905)
June 3rd, 1864 (June 03 1864)BirthRansom E. Olds, American automobile pioneer (died in 1950)
June 3rd, 1861 (June 03 1861)DeathStephen A. Douglas, American politician (born in 1813)
June 3rd, 1858 (June 03 1858)DeathJulius Reubke, German composer (born in 1834)
June 3rd, 1853 (June 03 1853)BirthWilliam Matthew Flinders Petrie, English Egyptologist (died in 1942)
June 3rd, 1850 (June 03 1850)EventThe traditional founding date of Kansas City, Missouri. This was the date on which it was first incorporated by Jackson County, Missouri as the "City of Kansas".
June 3rd, 1844 (June 03 1844)BirthGarret Hobart, 24th Vice President of the United States (died in 1899)
June 3rd, 1844 (June 03 1844)BirthDetlev von Liliencron, German poet (died in 1909)
June 3rd, 1843 (June 03 1843)BirthFrederick VIII of Denmark (died in 1912)
June 3rd, 1832 (June 03 1832)BirthAlexandre Charles Lecocq, French composer (died in 1918)
June 3rd, 1826 (June 03 1826)DeathNikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin, Russian writer (born in 1766)
June 3rd, 1819 (June 03 1819)BirthAnton Anderledy, Swiss Superior General of the Society of Jesus (died in 1892)
June 3rd, 1818 (June 03 1818)BirthLouis Faidherbe, French general (died in 1889)
June 3rd, 1808 (June 03 1808)BirthJefferson Davis, American politician and President of the Confederate States of America (died in 1889)
June 3rd, 1800 (June 03 1800)EventU.S. President John Adams takes up residence in Washington, D.C. (in a tavern - the White House was not yet completed).John Adams Quotes
June 3rd, 1780 (June 03 1780)DeathThomas Hutchinson, American colonial governor of Massachusetts (born in 1711)Thomas Hutchinson Quotes
June 3rd, 1770 (June 03 1770)EventMission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo is founded in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.
June 3rd, 1770 (June 03 1770)BirthManuel Belgrano, Argentine politician (died in 1820)
June 3rd, 1726 (June 03 1726)BirthJames Hutton, Scottish geologist (died in 1797)James Hutton Quotes
June 3rd, 1723 (June 03 1723)BirthGiovanni Antonio Scopoli, Italian-born naturalist (died in 1788)
June 3rd, 1665 (June 03 1665)EventJames Stuart, Duke of York (later to become King James II of England) defeats the Dutch Fleet off the coast of Lowestoft.
June 3rd, 1659 (June 03 1659)BirthDavid Gregory, Scottish astronomer (died in 1708)
June 3rd, 1659 (June 03 1659)DeathMorgan Llwyd, Welsh Puritan preacher and writer (born in 1619)
June 3rd, 1658 (June 03 1658)EventPope Alexander VII appoints Francois de Laval vicar apostolic in New France.Alexander Pope Quotes
June 3rd, 1657 (June 03 1657)DeathWilliam Harvey, English physician (born in 1578)William Harvey Quotes
June 3rd, 1649 (June 03 1649)DeathManuel de Faria e Sousa, Portuguese historian and poet (born in 1590)
June 3rd, 1640 (June 03 1640)DeathTheophilus Howard, 2nd Earl of Suffolk, English politician (born in 1584)
June 3rd, 1635 (June 03 1635)BirthPhilippe Quinault, French writer (died in 1688)
June 3rd, 1621 (June 03 1621)EventThe Dutch West India Company receives a charter for New Netherlands.
June 3rd, 1620 (June 03 1620)EventConstruction of the oldest stone church in French North America, Notre-Dame-des-Anges, begins at Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.
June 3rd, 1615 (June 03 1615)DeathSanada Yukimura, Japanese samurai (born in 1567)
June 3rd, 1608 (June 03 1608)EventSamuel de Champlain completes his third voyage to New France at Tadoussac, Quebec.
June 3rd, 1594 (June 03 1594)DeathJohn Aylmer, English political theorist (born in 1521)
June 3rd, 1548 (June 03 1548)DeathJuan de Zumarraga, Spanish Catholic bishop of Mexico (born in 1468)
June 3rd, 1540 (June 03 1540)BirthCharles I of Austria (died in 1590)
June 3rd, 1539 (June 03 1539)EventDeSoto claims Florida for Spain.
June 3rd, 1411 (June 03 1411)DeathDuke Leopold IV of Austria (born in 1371)
June 3rd, 1397 (June 03 1397)DeathWilliam Montacute, 2nd Earl of Salisbury, English military leader (born in 1328)
June 3rd, 1395 (June 03 1395)DeathIvan Shishman of Bulgaria
June 3rd, 1326 (June 03 1326)EventTreaty of Novgorod delineates borders between Russia and Norway in Finnmark.
June 3rd, 1140 (June 03 1140)EventFrench scholar Peter Abelard is found guilty of heresy.Peter Abelard Quotes
June 3rd, 1098 (June 03 1098)EventFirst Crusade: Antioch falls to the crusaders after an eight-month siege.
June 3rd, 0350 (June 03 0350)EventRoman usurper Nepotianus, of the Constantinian dynasty, proclaims himself Roman Emperor, entering Rome at the head of a group of gladiators.

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